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This is KoRn This is KoRn

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

That sucks...

I bet you have only heard here to stay and possibly the rest of the new Korn album, cause your probably so person who all the sudden wants to look tough so you get in to a rock band you see on MTV. Maybe if you were a real fuckin fan you would know songs like "daddy" on Korn's self titled cd, where Jonathon Davis cried about his dad molesting him. Oh wait, you have a GOOD life so you make fun of him and korn. Maybe if you knew pain you would like Korn better. But your probably just a freakin jock who can get a girl no matter what... have fun in your GOOD life. Just don't try to make fun of something that makes my life a tiny bit better.

depression/korn music vid depression/korn music vid

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i'm in depression

I'm in depression, and i've been rejected and this video sorta makes me feel better that somebody out there cares. But dude it's like I feel that if I kill myself, then the people who act like shit to me will realize what they do has a reaction and they should be cautious and then they'd change to be nice to people. It's like putting myself up to die, just to save other people from the pain I feel. When i think about suicide (which is daily) I don't think about it as a way out from my pain and my stress, I think of it as a way to change other people from the evil paths they are on now and save other people from expiercing the same pain that I do.

Rikimaru-Azlar responds:

I know what you mean, i cut myself because i work on the theory of; i killed myself to make everybody pay (manson) but it doesnt really achieve much. It's kind of like jesus, suffered for sins, but i dont think itll change them. People rarely change, but instead of taking shit, you can give it. Maybe one day, we'll treat each other like equals and not dirt. :(

That Silly Nellson* That Silly Nellson*

Rated 4 / 5 stars

here are my thoughts

I think you have a voice and you used it for good in this. Racism and stereotyping must stop, and even though this had violence in it - it showed that racism sucks. Through the signs your character "Mike Nellson" held up you gave us a look at all types of racism. Profiling because of religion, race, etc. However, I think your message got distorted and lost because of your anti-homesexual parts in it. Racism can also be stereotyping someone because of their sexual orientation. Even though me and you aren't homosexuals and we may even feel uncompfortable around homosexuals, we should treat them with some dignity. You have talent and I think with some tweaking on your part, you can display real emotion. I would like to see from you maybe a film displaying sadness. This film displays anger towards racism but that anger gets mangled in your attempts to add humor. You obviously dislike racism and have your own personal reasons. Make a film displaying all your anger, sadness, and hate brought forth from racism, use your voice for good. Instead of shutting down some types of racism and buidling up others.

Flasher Flasher

Rated 2 / 5 stars

kinda sux...

yes i did enjoy the tits in but it can't classify as a movie really... it's nice that we cause her to flash us, but this would be very funny just like in the middle of a movie like intermission... see that would be funny... you could really improve your score if it also had more chicks... sorry, it was cool just all it is a girl flashin us... one girl, so add more or something.... but i get this if u were just surfin internet and decided NG would like it...
Box -Of- Rox

Destroyer Clocks Destroyer Clocks

Rated 4 / 5 stars


coo... if anyone was wonderin' i did the artwork for trae. I think it turned out great burrito, and 'm glad the clocks like this to. I think this was great. But, ya know, I did do the artwork :) lol. But I still think it turned out great. My site is in my profile if u want to check it out and my best movie is getting out - ep. 1, well i don't wanna sound like 'm promoting myself, but... GOOD JOB!

sticks...again.... sticks...again....

Rated 4 / 5 stars

very nice :)

i liked it, I think for improvements a background would be nice also I want some hachet fight scenes on ng (lol). anyhoo, those are my only things I say to improve apon, if it was longer it would be better but your diffenitly not wasting ur time with this.
Box - Of - Rox

ash-evildead responds:

thanks for the support. i just formatted my comp so i lost every sound file that i owned ( over 500,000 ) but a version with sound is on the way. the buttons do need work , I'll admit , but that too will be fixed in time . i really need to know how to do a preloader cause honestly i have no idea where to even start. but any way thanks for the tips...hmmm , hatchet scene...

B&W Drama Theater B&W Drama Theater

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

YES! this roxorz! :)

This is awesome, what a great movie. Screen Door is a lil wierd but kinda funky to enjoy that much, scissors rulz tho, iono but jst someone as fucked up as me takes humor in that. It would be better if it was longer (like we saw why she was hiding the scissors or at least goto the scissors and say "my precious" or somethin' crazy) but i'm not you so who am i 2 say? i liked it a lot... anyhoo that was coo so cya

Annoying Neighbor Update! Annoying Neighbor Update!

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


i personally liked the first Annoying Neighbor movie, cuz it seems when you did this scene selection thing 'n the movie didn't flow you lost a points in style.. no offense, i guessing others like this jst as much as the first one but to me it lost it's touch - plez do ep. 2 in the same way u did ep. 1 (b4 this)... like I said no offense

cad-animations responds:

i'm not sure what you mean - i didnt change any of the animation, i just added the menu. do you mean the menu interrupted the flow from the title to the 1st scene? if you want, send an email or and instant message to clarify.

Billy Bob Shabadoo Billy Bob Shabadoo

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


i love your band, if that's you, that song was awesome (stuck in my head)... people reading this might say "THIS SUCKS" or "WHY ARE YOU SUPPORTING THIS?" i mean settle people... this was pretty funny it wasn't that bad i mean cheer up... the graphics suck but still it got that gritty feel... i loved this but i loved the sound more man... hey to the author... you could send me some songs i could do some real artwork if ya wanted... you know like us two working toghter on something.. just cuz in this song theres a lot of potential but NG will be hostile as hell with the graphics.
Box - Of - Rox
you can email me at if ya interested

(old) Lochness vs Jack (old) Lochness vs Jack

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

ah, nice try...

you seem to be like about 10... no offensive, this is the coolest peace of work I've ever seen someone who seems to be young make. I say ya seem to be young cuz of the vioces. if your like a man who went through a wierd puberty i apologize, just the vioces sounded record (not professnally, but not worst thing i ever heard) sounded like a kid about 10-12 maybe... anyhoo it made me laugh and it didn't really have a crappy soundtrack (when i say crappy I mean WAY to over played)...

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